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Her next business decision involved turning her love of travel into a successful and highly achieving venture. Fresh from the success of ROCS in the insurance and investments sector, she harnessed this momentum and a travel division was born. Created in 1997, the mandate of this subsidiary was – and remains – to offer the most affordable service to the general public and to reach across the globe.

This mandate fostered much goodwill and renown, turning ROCS Travel into the leading leisure sales travel company in the Maltese islands. Through hard work and great strategy, Rachel has managed to retain 80% of the local travel market share to Cyprus, and Dubai together with a dominant position in all outbound travel to Disneyland Paris, Australia, the Indian Ocean and most of the Emirates destinations.

Thanks to Rachel’s winning strategy it was not long before the award-winning Emirates Airline from Dubai proclaimed ROCS Travel as its Top Passenger Sales Agent in Malta. ROCS Travel has secured this award year after year, never giving up its top position since the airline launched its route to Malta some eighteen years ago.

This distinction was not enough and recently ROCS Travel received another honour, with IATA figures confirming the company as the leading leisure tour operator in Malta.

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