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BY 2008 RACHEL HAD SET HER EYES ON A NEW MARKET – cosmetics and beauty products.


After considerable market research, she approached INGLOT Cosmetics with the proposal of opening up the ROCS Retail arm in Malta. The island’s small population and heavy competition were not invited to international cosmetics magnate Mr. INGLOT. The multi-millionnaire Polish franchise owner who created the brand claimed that a small village in Europe would garner better shop traffic. Persistent as always, Rachel promised another success story – and once again delivered. The Malta INGLOT store today boasts one of the highest sales records in all of Europe. By 2012 Rachel had already carried over her unrivaled business formula to post-war Libya where she spearheaded the opening of a branch – within a few weeks, all sales records for INGLOT were shattered at this outlet.

Rachel’s venture has been a definite asset to the INGLOT empire, leading to Mr. INGLOT not only overcoming his initial skepticism but also insisting that every new country franchise owner should first travel to Malta so as to observe how a proper Inglot shop operates and get the necessary experience in Malta thus ensuring that all new stores follow all the right footsteps towards becoming as successful as the INGLOT outlet in Malta. INGLOT Malta is in fact spearheading the global training programme, helping cosmetics professionals from all around the world learn the skills of managing the store, sales techniques, and effective marketing campaigns. With INGLOT taking off the ground beautifully, Rachel once again decided to venture into new territory, creating her own branded perfume (My Secret) in 2008.

Again, another first for a local personality to have a personal perfume on the local market.

The next major step came shortly after with the launch of the Perfumes&More brand, an international franchise developed and branded in Malta, which includes a collection of perfumes, jewellery, and accessories.

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