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In 2020, Rachel Vella achieved the esteemed 'Entrepreneur of the Year' award from Economic Update, one of Malta’s premier business publications, marking another significant milestone in her illustrious career.  However, her journey of success continues to unfold.


Notably, Rachel Vella was named the outright winner of Malta's Best Business Woman Awards 2021, securing the top position in five distinguished categories, including 'Malta's Best Business Leader of The Year', 'Most Inspiring Business Woman of the Year', 'Best CEO of The Year', 'Best Woman In Consumer Business 2021', and the prestigious 'Lifetime Achievement Award'.


Moreover, in 2023, she was honoured with the 'Female Entrepreneur of the Year' Silver Award at the Malta Business Awards. Rachel's exceptional achievements underscore her unwavering commitment to excellence and vision for the future.


Despite her numerous accolades, she remains focused on the continual growth and expansion of ROCS Group.


The successful launch of 29 INGLOT retail outlets in Libya and the launch of the first eeetwell eatery at the Dubai Mall, a first for any Maltese company signifies just the beginning of ROCS Group's overseas expansion.


With plans to open more stores in Libya, Cyprus, and the United Arab Emirates, Rachel is steadfast in her belief that the future holds limitless opportunities for ROCS Group.


Currently, through its subsidiaries, ROCS Group connects with over 90,000 households in Malta, enjoying widespread support from the local community. As Rachel continues to lead ROCS Group into new realms of success, the outlook for the company remains as promising as ever

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