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DIRECTOR OF ROCS GROUP, RACHEL VELLA IS THE DRIVING FORCE behind this family company that boasts over forty years legacy of success and a strong business ethic.


Rachel’s first brush with the world of business happened at a very young age, when she would spend every summer taking an active role in the running of her father’s restaurant. Charles Vella was already a prominent businessman at this time, with a very hands-on mindset that he passed on to his daughter.

It was in these early days at the family restaurant that Rachel learnt how to implement the famous ROCS Group work ethic, through her father’s ethos where, despite her age, Rachel strived to shoulder the same responsibilities as hired staff – and more.

This modus operandi was to pave the way for a life-long successful work tradition that is the basis of the Group’s success and of the high regard in which the Group is held, whether by clients, by business partners and even by competitors.

Before deciding to focus on the family business on a full-time basis, Rachel did a five year stint as a physical education teacher. Even here, those qualities that her parents had always fostered in her were immediately evident.

But it wasn’t too long before the pull of the family business started getting too strong to ignore. In 1994 ROCS opened an insurance and investment company, and Rachel began her official foray into entrepreneurship. The service subsidiary became an overnight success, producing enough business on behalf of Middle Sea Valletta (today MSVLife), the primary life assurance provider, that the company recently announced ROCS their all time Top Sales Intermediary. This has been a recurring theme throughout the relationship between the ROCS Group and MSVLife and Middlesea Insurance, which is even stronger today. Despite recent challenges in the global economic climate, the ROCS Group remains the highest producing partner to MSVLife.


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